Support Activities

Day Service Activities

Pottery: two types of processes are used, firstly pouring slip cast into moulds and secondly using raw clay to hand build.

Hand build uses three key techniques:

  1. Coil Work – uses a coil of extruded clay – making figures, pots. Making animals are great fun using this method.
  2. A Rolled Slab of Clay – used to make tiles, mosaics, bowls, cut outs to name a few.
  3. Balls of Clay – using balls of clay to press into moulds, make beads and various sculptured shapes.

After being kiln fired all items are finished using paint art.

Paint Art: this medium includes glazing and painting using brushes, sponges and stencil work. Not only applied to pottery but canvas, MDF boards and silk cloths.

Mixed Media and Crafts: card making, knitting, crochet and bead techniques are always popular along with mixing all types of materials together to produce unusual finishes. Pictures using paint, fabrics, wood, paper card and textiles are also very enjoyable.

New Activity for 2015: Woodcraft – making small items, learning traditional preparation and sanding techniques and various paint effects. Maybe even uplifting furniture together.