Day Support Services

Hands2gether delivers a high quality bespoke day support service for those with learning disabilities. Services are delivered by dedicated staff and volunteers in a safe and friendly environment.

Pottery, art and mixed media activities are used in our morning sessions to focus on the individuals’ work and team building skills.

Afternoon sessions are flexible, open to customers’ choice of activities. This gives the individuals’ the skills to make decisions, choices and the opportunity to be creative, overall giving ownership and a real sense of achievement, whilst increasing self-respect and confidence.

Hands2gether is very proud of the high level that is attained; this promotes an awareness of the high abilities that those with learning disabilities can achieve.

We also offer limited places for those within the autistic spectrum.

Services for those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia are very limited but have proved very successful. Therapeutic creative sessions have had a positive outcome in the well-being of the individual.

For further information or to book a visit please contact us on 01752 658784 or email: